Small Business Corporation (SBCorp) provides new Lending Facility for Shipping Costs of Small and Medium sized-Exporters under the Bayanihan 2   CARES Program. The primary objective of the program is to assist SME exporters to lessen the impact of the increase in freight rates on the SME’s capital.


I. Who are eligible to apply?

To be eligible, the SME-Exporters must:

  1. Have an asset size of not more than one hundred million pesos (PhP 100,000,000.00)
  2. Ben in the export business for at least one (1) year prior to application;
  3. Have at least three (3) consummated Purchase Orders (POs) or Letters of Credit (LCs); and
  4. No past due accounts under any SBCoporation loan programs

II. What SME projects will be accommodated by the lending facility?

All types of projects of qualified SME exporters shall be accommodated under this financing facility provided that the requested is for the financing of shipping/freight cost.

Qualified MSME-Exporters with existing loans under the CARES Program shall still be eligible for this facility provided that the total amount is within the threshold loan limit as provided under the CARES Program

IV. Service fee charges

  1. 1% for 30-day Promissory Notes (PNs); or
  2. 2% for 60-day PNs.

V. Repayment terms:

  1. Maximum of 90 days per drawdown;
  2. Lump sum payment upon date of maturity

VI. Mode of payment

Submission of post-dated checks (PDCs) to the Regional Lending Group (RLG) Field Staff for the full loan amount subject to the chosen repayment term.

VII. Documentary Requirements

A. During the Loan Application:

  1. Government-issued ID with signature of loan applicant
  2. A selfie of the applicant MSME-Exporter holding the same ID under Item a above and clearly capturing both the loan applicant’s face and uploaded government ID;
  3. DTI/SEC Certificate of Registration
  4. Business/Mayor’s Permit;
  5. At least three (3) consummated POs or LCs;
  6. Bank account under the SME’s name;
  7. Secretary’s Certificate in case of a Partnership or a Corporation
  8. Financial Statements:
    1. If WITH BIR-filed Financial Statement:
      • FS for the current or previous year containing the following:
        • BIR Form No. 1701 or No. 1702;
        • Proof of tax payment;
        • Income Statement with company name as header; and
        • Balance Sheet with company name as header
    2. If WITHOUT BIR-filed FS:
      • Mayor’s Permit for the last two (2) consecutive years;
      • Three (3) photos (in jpeg formate) showing the following:
        • Photo 1: Business signage;
        • Photo 2: Inventory; and
        • Photo 3: Fixed assets.
      • One-minute video showing the following:
        • Business signage;
        • Inventory;
        • Fixed Assets; and
        • Newspaper or a givernment website (with date)

B. Prior to Loan Release:

Confirmed POs or LCs as basis for the loan amount.

VIII. How to apply?

The application and submission of requirements will be online.

  1. Go to and create an account;
  2. Complete the pre-registration;
  3. Click “Apply for a Loan” in your dashboard;
  4. Choose “Shipping Cost of Exporters” among the loan programs;
  5. Proceed with accomplishing the application process and upload the necessary requirements as instructed in the system.

Reminders: Make sure that you are using an active email and mobile number during the application as these will be means in verifying the legitimacy of your application. Take note of the email and password you use during the account creation.