Small Business Corporation delivers its message of commitment, service and integrity towards its mandate as defined under the Magna Carta for MSMEs by adopting the following statements that guide the entire organization:

Vision Statement
By 2028, we will be a financially-sustainable and socially-responsive organization trailblazing innovative financing solutions for growing MSMEs that contribute to inclusive economic development.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to relentlessly champion and bridge the financing needs of the underserved but financeable segments of the country for their sustained growth.

In the delivery of our mission, we commit not to contribute to the cycle of debt poverty and to ensure no pilferage in the use of NG investment. We also commit not to duplicate already existing interventions in the financing industry especially those mainstreamed among private industry players.

Social Outcome Objective
To cause prosperity among MSME segments traditionally considered unfinanceable, thereby increasing economic diversity and inclusion (we define unfinanceable segments as enterprises which despite their being an on- going business are not able to access finance at non-usurious rates).

7 Target MSME Segments

  1. Micro and small agri and aqua enterprises
  2. Micro retailers
  3. Small island economies
  4. MSMEs requiring rehabilitation arising from disaster
  5. Indigenous people (IP) – owned enterprises
  6. First-time small businesses

Service Philosophy
Ferocity in the mission, Kindness towards each other.

Core Values
Matapat sa Bayan (faithful and trustworthy service to the country)
Magaling at Maabilidad (competent and innovative)
Bayanihan (community in unity)
Mapagkalinga sa kalikasan (caring for the environment)

Corporate Logo
The new SBCorp logo stands for Bayanihan between the MSMEs, the Government and Small Business Corporation. It expresses a call for change, of transforming the MSME landscape from widespread numbers of unfinanceable business segments into a diverse community of small businesses that are able to access finance at non-usurious rates.

The color black represents Government and its authorities, power and strength in providing MSMEs with the level playing field they deserve. Green represents SBCorp and its mandate to fight for the neglected business segments of Philippine MSMEs by building effective financing alternatives. Orange represents the MSMEs – who are creative, hardworking and continuously aspiring to serve their family, their employees, their community and the country.

The Small Business Corporation

Small Business Corporation (SBCorp) is the result of the merger between the Small Business Guarantee and Finance Corporation (SBGFC) and the Guarantee Fund for SMEs (GFSME), under Executive Order No. 98 issued in November 2001. SB Corp’s focus is to provide micro, small and medium enterprises the much needed access to finance to help them grow their businesses. It has several programs for the MSME market: wholesale lending to smaller financial institutions, cooperatives and foundations and  retail or direct lending to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Programs and Program Beneficiaries

Corporate Funded Programs

Using its own corporate funds, SBCorp is engaged in a) Regular Retail Lending for duly registered MSMEs and b) Venture Capital for selected start-up MSMEs. 

Program: Regular Retail Lending

Priority Beneficiaries: Targeted Micro and Small Enterprise Markets

Program: Venture Capital Program

Priority Beneficiaries: Selected Start-up MSMES thru Partner State Universities and Colleges


National Government- Supported Programs

Program: Enterprise Rehabilitation Financing

Priority Beneficiaries: MSMEs who suffered business reversal from calamity

The program was initially funded by corporate funds when it started in January 2014. SB Corp allotted around P 600 million in support of MSMEs badly affected by Typhoon Yolanda

In response the National Government (NG) granted P200 million credit risk subsidy to SB Corp.

Program: Pondo sa Pagbabago at Pag-asenso (P3)

Priority Beneficiaries: Microenterprises who are economically active

The National Government implemented its P3 Fund for microenterprises (MEs) starting 2017 via a GAA allocation for SB Corp.

The strategic objective is to provide all MEs that are economically active in all 81 provinces throughout the country, the opportunity to access credit at more reasonable interest rates capped at 2.5% per month.

Not more than 5% of the P3 fund was allocated to higher risk sectors such as internally displaced persons (IDPs) arising from war in Marawi, killed and wounded in action (KIA/WIA) soldiers or their families, MSMEs affected by the temporary closure of Boracay Island and MEs affected by earthquake in Batanes.

Ownership and Legal Status

SB Corp is a government corporation created on January 24, 1991 by virtue of Section 11 of RA No. 6977, amended on May 6, 1997 by RA 8289, otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Small and Medium Enterprises. SBGFC is under the policy program and administrative supervision of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development (SMED) Council of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the primary agency responsible for small and medium enterprises in the country.