JCM Cargo Network Corporation, an international freight forwarder, has been running strong for 27 years. but even with its time-tested strength, the pandemic didn’t spare Renato Ayson’s corporation.

According to its President and CEO Renato Ayson, business was running smoothly for JCM before the pandemic . A stream of regular clients who exports and imports various raw materials, kitchen wares, industrial cables, filters keeps his fleet busy all year round.

Upon the impositions of travel restrictions, movement of products to and from the country was also affected and the operations of JCM drastically dropped by 60%. During this point, JCM’s earnings are at most breakeven.

Trying its best to retain its employees, JCM carried out various working arrangements for the employees. “Nag skeletal force kami, nagbawas ng days of work, at nag cut ng mga expenses,” Renato shared.

Renato admittedly shared that JCM’s need the loan for the employees’ bonuses and to add to the business working capital. “I saw it on the newspaper and took the chance. We needed the money. Baka ma-approve, Wala namamg mawawala kung susubukan” Renato shared.

“We are all caught uprepared. The challemges are unexpected. Gayunpaman, sumusunod kami sa foreign trade. I’m sure ang programa ng gobyerno ay tungo sa pagpapalakas ng exports,” Renato concluded.