With the pandemic, a lot of industries were compelled to change and reinvent their businesses to survive.

When the public was asked to stay at home and cancel all activities, the events management industry crashed.

Jan Paul Santos founded Kaizen Events, Inc. in 2013 and has planned and managed hundreds of events as well as indoor bazaars around the country. The business was doing well and he did not expect things to change.

When the community quarantine was imposed, it caused malls to suspend operations. Kaizen also had to cease all activities.

All the projects were suspended. Although we did not have income, hindi naman tumigil ang expenses. Meron kaming warehouse at mga office spaces na kailangan bayaran ang rent,” Jan Paul shared.

Amidst all this, Jan Paul did not lay off any of his regular personnel. He paid for his employees’ salaries using money the company set aside, and his personal funds. He also sub-leased some of his office spaces to supplement the company’s income.

Jan Paul learned about the about the Bayanihan CARES and walked a few blocks from his office to personally inquire about the program at the Small Business Corporation. “The loan is for the 13th month pay and salaries of my employees,” Jan Paul shared.

Now that the malls are open again, Kaizen has resumed 80% of its projects.

Malaking adjustments with the social distancing and health protocols. But we must adapt. It’s a global pandemic. Everyone is affected. We need to be resilient and have faith that things will go back to how they used to be.”