Rodolfo Hermogeno II opened Broadway Travels, Inc., in 1985 and immediately jumped into offering tour packages to clients in Manila.

“We were known for our local and international leisure tours and pilgrimages to the Holy Land. We regularly send pilgrimage tours to Holy Land, Europe, Mexico and USA. It was our bread and butter. Without it we have no income at all,” Rodolfo shared.

Broadway Travels has been closed since March 2020 due to the pandemic, However, Rodolfo kept all of his sixteen (16) employees.

To sustain the business, Rodolfo applied for a CARES for TRAVEL loan to pay for the expenses incurred by the business despite the temporary closure. This includes the payment of their office utilities, refunds of clients, and support for his employees.

“I learned about the program from a webinar organized by Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) and the Philippine Tour Operators Association (Philtoa). Though I have to think twice before borrowing as we are not getting any income, I realized that the loan can help not only my business but also my employees.’ he shared.

“On a personal level, this pandemic has reinforced the adage that we need to save up for the rainy days ahead. For the business, our operations and business model need to keep up with the changing times We must learn to adapt to stay relevant and ensure survival and continuity,” Rodolfo related.

Looking forward, Rodolfo is still hopeful that eventually, the travel and tourism sector will restart soon. He already has his plans as soon as Broadway Travels reopen. “I believe that with God, all things are possible. As of now, we are already on the process of planning on how to integrate the required health standards in our tour packages,” Rodolfo concluded.