Carmelina Castro, founder of Living Life Well Integrative Medical Group, has to reinvent her health and wellness business to continue their operations.

Living Life Well provided pain management services through natural methods such as acupuncture, physical therapy, myotherapy, and mental health counseling.

“I would like to believe that Living Life Well plays an important role in helping the Filipinos to mentally and physically cope with the effects of the pandemic,” Carmelina shared.

Living Life remained closed for almost three months during the quarantine period and resumed operations in June 2020. “While the clinic was closed, my employees were paid through the company savings,” she added.

Carmelina explored online platforms and eventually shifted some of her services online to properly comply with the protocols. “We have been conducting online mental health consultations, physical therapy sessions, and Zumba sessions. For other activities, we provide homecare. Our therapists visit the clients wearing full PPE and administer treatment to them in the comforts of their home,” she related.

She further shared that one of her employees contracted the virus while on duty, but because of their strict compliance to the health protocols, her other employees remained safe and healthy.

Carmelina also shared how she ensured that all her employees equally share the income of the company despite the reduced number of clients and hours of operations. “I divided them into two teams and nag-rotation sila,” she added.

With expenses rising and income at a minimum, she was committed to look for additional funds.Then, she and her son came across an advertisement about the Bayanihan CARES.

Carmelina said the loan proceeds will help replenish her cash reserves, and pay her employees’ salaries especially her commission-based professionals.

“By accepting the reality of the situation and adapting to it, Live Life Well now has a better fighting chance to survive and even further thrive in the face of pandemic.Let’s stop being pessimistic. Businesses shouldn’t be all about earning. We should also show compassion towards our clients. This is the time to be kind.”


Published on December 23, 2020