Opening of the RiseUP Multi-Purpose Loan for First Time Borrowers

Good news for small and medium enterprises with loan requirement of above PhP 300,000.00 up to PhP 2,000,000.00! You can now apply to RISE UP SME Multi-purpose Loan for FIRST-TIME BORROWERS. This loan program is open to multi-sectoral SMEs with business track record of at least three (3) years.

How to apply?

  1. Go to and log in or create an account;
  2. Click “Apply for a Loan”;
  3. Choose RISE UP Multi-Purpose Loan among the available loan programs in the system;
  4. Click “First-Time Borrower” in the pop-up message;
  5. Accomplish the registration form and upload the documentary requirements;
  6. Click “Submit” to finish the application process.

What are the requirements?

  • Government-issued ID;
  • BMBE Certificate or  Mayor’s Permit;
  • Photos and  video of business operations and assets;
  • Corporate documents, if applicable.

The RISE UP Multi-Purpose Loan is payable monthly up to three (3) years with grace period of up to twelve (12) months on the principal only and 12% per annum interest rate based on diminishing balance.

If your loan requirement is PhP 300,000.00 or below, you may also apply for the RISE UP Micro Multi-purpose Loan in the same loan portal. If you are an existing borrower, you may apply for the RISE UP Suki Loan which we will open very soon.

For your queries, you may send a separate email at