21 November 2022

The Public is advised to be cautious against persons claiming to be connected with Small Business Corporation (SBCorp) or with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), offering their services for a fee to MSMEs planning to apply for SBCorp’s RISE UP Loan Program and/or its other lending facilities. The Public is also advised that SBCorp does not charge any fees for the facilitation of the loan application under all its lending facilities including the RISE UP Program.

Loan applicants are likewise WARNED that submission of spurious, fake, fictitious or forged documents in support of their loan applications under the RISE UP Program, among other loan facilities of SBCorp, shall result in the automatic disqualification of the pending application/s and blacklisting to ALL of our lending facilities. More importantly, these applicants and/or borrowers will be prosecuted for the crime of “Estafa” under Article 315 par 2 (a) or Article 172 of the Revised Penal Code and other applicable laws. Please be informed that SBCorp has vigorously filed criminal complaints for Estafa and Falsification of Public Documents against loan applicants and borrowers upon discovery of the submission of fake, fictitious or forged documents in support of their loan application.  Said criminal cases are now pending before the courts and SBCorp will exhaust all legal remedies in order to hold said loan applicants and borrowers accountable for their misdeeds or offenses.       

SBCorp encourages the Public to report the occurrence of the activities mentioned above as well as the conduct of fraudulent acts to obtain loans from SBCorp.  In this connection, please contact SBCorp  at + 5328 1100 and 5328 1112 to 16 and 09215131790(Smart) 0945 672 5033(Globe) or email: