Series of 2022
14 September 2022
You can now conveniently pay your loan amortization via the GCash App.

STEP 1. GET YOUR CUSTOMER ACCOUNT NUMBER (CAN). Log in to your Borrower Registration System Account using your registered email and password. On the borrower dashboard click on Loan Accounts. Existing Loan Accounts will be displayed on the screen. The CAN is on the topmost field. If you have more than one account click on to the dropdown button to get the CAN for each account.

STEP 2. OPEN GCASH APP. OPEN YOUR Gcash App and choose Bills Payment on the Menu.

STEP 3. CHOOSE CATEGORY. From the  transaction categories available choose Government . From the list of government services scroll down or use the search function to look for Small Business Corporation. Click on the Small Business Corporation

STEP 4.  INPUT BORROWER INFORMATION. Input the amount of monthly amortization to be paid. Select Payment Type –  Loan payment. Input Customer Account Number (CAN), Borrower’s Name, Contact Number and Email Address and click  Next

STEP 5. CONFIRMATION. Check  the information  and click Confirm

STEP 6.  PAYMENT RECEIVED. A payment received confirmation will appear on screen.You have successfully paid your monthly amortization  via G-Cash.

For more details, kindly click this link:…/How-to-pay-via-GCash_1663057378… or send an email to